My resident research group included or includes researchers from Italy, France, Belgium (both Flemisch and Wallonian), UK, Poland, Spain, Cyprus, Ireland, and the Netherlands. The conferences and invited talks which I have organized brought scholars from many places to Bamberg, including the US, Canada, Israel, Austria, and Brazil.


My first academic degree was a Maîtrise en histoire at Université Paris X Nanterre under the supervision of Claude Lepelley. I passed the whole academic year 1995/96 in Paris, living in the Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe. Before that, I successfully completed a class at Strasbourg University (Alain Chauvot). Later, I was an invited speaker to the Universities of Lille III and Lyon III as well as to the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. My lectures in France are usually in French, and sometimes I also use this language abroad, e.g. in Poland. I have also published in French. Today, I am a membre associé of LEM/Institut d’études Augustiniennes (UMR 8584 du CNRS).


I spent 15 months in 2011/12 at Tel Aviv University's Department of History as a Minerva Fellow. I gave lectures at Tel Aviv's Cohn Institute as well as in Jerusalem at the 41st Conference of the Israeli Society for The Promotion of Classical Studies. I have excellent contacts with many Israeli scholars, especially with Ido Israelowich of Tel Aviv, with whom I initiated the partnership between the Universities of Tel Aviv and Bamberg.


I had the honor of spending the two months of February and March in 2011 as a Brian Hewson Crawford Fellow at The Warburg Institute, London. I consider myself most fortunate to have been part of the unequalled community that is The Warburg Institute. In addition, I have published a great deal in English, including my second book.


I am fluent in Italian. I have published joint articles with Italian scholars in prestigious Italian journals, and my second book was published by Serra of Pisa. I therefore possess close links to many members of Italian academia.