Teaching statement

I enjoy teaching, and I find it very satisfying to inspire students (especially those who are new to the subject) to explore the world of antiquity. In my eyes, it is especially important to teach things in class that are difficult or impossible to learn by oneself. Cases in point are documentary sources (inscriptions, papyri, coins), paleography (both Latin and Greek), but also other things such as historical geography. This is one reason why many students cherish my classes: my teaching includes a lot of hands-on work involving (inter alia) atlases, ancient coins, images of inscriptions or manuscripts etc.

Teaching evaluation

From 2010 through 2015, I have been continuously teaching at the University of Augsburg. Meinprof.de is a German website which enables students to rate their academic teachers. As Augsburg University unfortunately does not carry out evaluations of all courses, I need to fall back on the meinprof.de data. Since these ratings are fully visible only to registered users, I will reproduce a summary of them here.

You can see the values for fairness, support, teaching materials, understandability, fun factor, and interest. At the bottom, there is the recommendation value; with one exception, all students who ever rated my classes would recommend them to their peers.

Training in teaching

In order to enhance the quality of teaching at university level, the Bavarian universities created a diploma which gives proof of in-depth training in teaching: the Bavarian Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education. I obtained this diploma in 2013, after 120 units of professional training on teaching. You can read more on the Bavarian Certficiate here: Zertifikat Hochschullehre Bayern